The National Association of Multi-Academy Trusts - NAMAT

We are delighted to launch the National Association of Multi-Academy Trusts (NAMAT).  A unique online forum established to bring together Education trust leaders from across the UK enabling discussion and debate on all aspects of Trust life.  The first online community forum of its kind, NAMAT encompasses the key strategic areas of managing a multi-academy Trust from holding Trustees to account, establishing the right organisational culture through to managing the accounts and everything in between. 

NAMAT has been established by FusionHR and the Education Collective who will jointly administer the forum and host the platform, but we would like to stress that the forum will be independent and impartial and it will be the joining members who will determine its future and success. We hope that our combined experience of managing 40+ regional forums and supporting Trusts to manage their people effectively, will enable us all to achieve amazing results through a more structured approach to collaborative working.      


Shaping education for generations to come

The forum is free for members to join if you are part of an existing forum. We’ve also partnered with carefully chosen sponsors who provide services or products to the education sector to enable Trust leaders to engage in dialogue with those in similar roles facing similar (if not the same) challenges.  We’ve seen significant changes in the way schools are run and now is the time for Trusts to continue to work together to shape education and education leadership, not only for the current generation but also for generations to come.    

The forum will offer members access to other Trust leaders through the discussion forums, up-to-date resources, webinars, training and discounts.

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